Technical Details & Drawings

1.Compression Board Air Seal Details (80 Mph)

2.Hurricane Back Wrap (120 Mph)

3. Direct Membrane Terminations:

3a. To Air Sealed Vertical Wall (80 Mph)

3b. To Precast Concrete Panel Deck (150 Mph)

3c. To Poured In Place Structural Concrete Deck (200 Mph)

4. Shear Skirt Air Seal Details (80 Mph)

5. Upside Down Cover Tape (80 Mph)

6. Earthquake Spring Flange Compression (80 Mph)

7. Structural “C” Channel Perimeter And Penetration Air Seals (150 Mph)

8. Slow Rise Foam Air Sealed Metal Decks (150 Mph)

9. Lightweight Concrete Air Sealed Metal Decks (150 Mph)

10. Reverse Ballasted (80 Mph)

11. Fifty Year Roof Assembly 100 mil C-EPDM (200 Mph)

12. Wind Vented Walls, Counter Flashings, and Wall Terminations

13. Separator Fire Matt Insulation Techniques

14. Moisture Venting of Existing Wet Roofs

15. Guarded Hot Box and Energy Efficiency of Roof Assemblies

16. The Science of Roofing

17. 2001 Company Wind Vented Wall