16. The Science of Roofing

A)  Written Specifications:

     •    Tornado Damage May 7, 2000,  Desoto MO.

     •    The Beaufort Wind Scale

     •    Peak Pressure Coefficients

     •    2001 Company ASCE-7 Wind Codes

     •    ASCE-7 Naval Weapons Station (Sample)

     •    2001 Deck Fastening for ASCE-7 Wind Code Compliance
(Info Upon Request)

     •    U of WI Wind Vented Roof System

     •    ASCE7 United States Wind Map

     •    Wet Roof Substrate Drying Rider Sample

     •    Wind Blown Debris Rider Sample

     •    Hail Damage for 90 mil+ C-EPDM Rider Sample

     •    2001 Co Building Wind Flow Charts

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