Chapter 2 EPDM

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EPDM Product Data Sheets:
2001 Equalizer Valve

6in. or 7in Zip Tape Flashings

Air Seal Rope & Tape

Anchor Pins

B-500 Bonding Adhesive

Black, White & Aluminum Lap Sealant

Cured Flashing

EPDM .045, .060, & .090 Mil Fire Retardant Membrane

EPDM .045 & .060 mil Reinforced, Std, & FR Clean

EPDM .045 & .060 mil Standard & Fire Membranes

EPDM .045 & .060 Reinforced

EPDM .045 .060 & .090 mil

EPDM Bonding Adhesive

EPDM Inside Outside Corners

EPDM Molded Pipe Flashing

EPDM Uncured Flashing

EPDM White .060 Mil

EPDM White Fleeceback Membrane


HP-250 Primer

LV-600 Primer

Molded Walkway Pads & Walkway Rolls

Multi-Purpose Sealant

One-Part Pourable Sealer

Pourable Sealer Pockets

Pourable Sealer

Pressure SensitiveMolded Walkway Pads

Pressure-Sensitive Cured Cover Strip

T-Joint Cover

Termination Bar

Water Cut Off Mastic

Weathered Membrane Cleaner

TPO Product Data Sheets:

Thermoplastic One-Part Pourable Sealer

TPO 10-Inch Pressure Sensitive Strip

TPO Bonding Adhesive

TPO Clear Cut-Edge Sealant

TPO Coated Metal

TPO Cured White 3 inch Zip Tape

TPO Cut-Edge Sealant

TPO Flashing

TPO Fleeceback Membrane

TPO Heat Weldable Walkway Rolls

TPO Inside-Outside Corners

TPO Low Voc Bonding Adhesive

TPO Molded Pocket Sealant

TPO Paste Sealant (White)

TPO Pipe Flashing

TPO Pressure Sensitive Cover Strip

TPO Reinforced Membrane

TPO Split Pipe-Seal

TPO T-Joint Cover

TPO Weathered Membrane Cleaner

TPO White EPDM Pressure-Sensitive Strip

TPO White Splice Cleaners
PVC Product Data Sheets:
PVC .045-.048 mil

PVC .060 Mil Membrane

PVC .080 Mil Membrane

PVC Bonding Adhesive

PVC Coated Metal

PVC Coated Stainless Steel Sheets

PVC Flashing Membrane

PVC Green Walktread

PVC Polyurethane Caulk

PVC Weathered Membrane Cleaner

CPA Product Data Sheets:

CPA Product Data Sheet

Misc. Product Data Sheets:

Green Separator Mat


Talc Eater III

Translucent Skylight Cover

Underlayment Mat 5/16″

Underlayment Mat 7/16″