Montana References

Completed Jobs List:

2007, Cambridge Court, 4th Floor, Great Falls MT
2007, C.M. Russell Museum, 1 And 2, Great Falls MT
1999, Whitter School #2 Bozeman MT
1999, Wasterwater Plant, 6 Buildings, Billings MT
1999, Wasterwater Plant Havre MT
1999, Senior Citizens Center Great Falls MT
1999, Rice Residence Great Falls MT
1999, Montana Deaconess Med Center Havre MT
1999, MSU Northern Mckenzie Hall Havre MT
1999, Highland Park School, Gym, Havre MT
1999, Bull City Business Center-Fourth Floor Billings MT
1998, Sande Rest Home Havre MT
1997, Strain Properties High Section, Great Falls MT
1997, Second Edition Books Butte MT
1996, Great Falls Public Library Great Falls MT
1995, Norwest Bank West Office Great Falls MT
1995, Montana Power Company, Shop, Bozeman MT
1995, Meadowlark School Chinook MT
1995, Johnson Building Bozeman MT
1995, Fire Crew Bunk Area Great Falls MT
1995, Building 25 MT Air National Guard, Mechanical Room, Great Falls MT
1994, U. S. Customs Building Great Falls MT
1994, Ted Mathis Apt. Mgr Belgrad MT
1994, State Of Montana Libby MT
1994, Rodger Downey Great Falls MT
1994, Mrs Gollehon Great Falls MT
1994, Jay W Lane For State Of MT Ave. Div Libby MT
1994, Health Federal Credit Union Great Falls MT
1994, Gallatin Field Airport Bellgrade MT
1994, Gallatin Airport Authority Belgrade MT
1994, Cottonwood Condominiums Great Falls MT
1994, City Of Billings, 10 Buildings, Billings MT
1994, City Of Billings Public Utilities Depa Billings MT
1994, Buildings 165-170 Great Falls MT
1994, Building 1708 Great Falls MT
1994, Building 1705 Great Falls MT
1994, Building 1700 Great Falls MT
1994, 60 Person Libby Armory Libby MT
1993, Rocky Mountain College, Fortin Education Center, Billings MT
1993, Montana Refinery Company Great Falls MT
1993, Fortin Ed. Center/Rocky Mountain Colle Billings MT
1993, Falls Sheet Metal Co. Great Falls MT
1993, Buttrey’s Food Store Livingston MT
1993, Buttrey Food And Drug # 3930 Butte MT
1993, Building 3081 Great Falls MT
1993, Adele Apartments Great Falls MT
1993, Adal Weapons, Release Shop, Great Falls MT
1993, Adal Weapons Great Falls MT
1992, Style Shop/Western Drug Great Falls MT
1992, Pro-Craft Auto Body, Office, Great Falls MT
1992, Montana Refinery Black Eagle MT
1992, Malmstrom Air Force Base Main Entry Canopy, Great Falls MT
1992, Livingston Wastewater Treatment Plant Livingston MT
1992, Kalispell Post Office Kalispell MT
1992, Cambridge Court Great Falls MT
1992, Blain County Library Chinook MT
1992, Anaconda Post Office Anaconda MT
1992  Montana Refinery Black Eagle MT
1991, Town Pump Inc. Whitehall MT
1991, Special Imaging Facility Bozeman MT
1991, Rod’s Drive-In Havre MT
1991, Procraft Body & Paint Building Shop Great Falls MT
1991, Oncology Medical Building Missoula MT
1991, O’haire Manor Great Falls MT
1991, Kuplex At 4200 Central Avenue Great Falls MT
1991, Kaufman’s Menswear Center No I, Great Falls MT
1991, Kaufman’s Menswear Center Great Falls MT
1991, Highland Park Medical Office Building Bozeman MT
1991, Eagles Manor Retirement Apartments Havre MT
1991, Duplex Great Falls MT
1991, Bozeman High School, Roofs 35 & 36, Bozeman MT
1991, Bozeman High School Walkway Roof, Bozeman MT
1991, Bozeman Deaconess Hospital, Special Imaging, Bozeman MT
1990, Whittier School, # 5 & # 12, Bozeman MT
1990, Whittier School, # 4 & # 6, Bozeman MT
1990, St. Luke Hospital & Nursing Home, Ronan MT
1990, Saint Luke Hospital And Nursing Home, Entire, Ronan MT
1990, Roseco Inc., Butte MT
1990, Roseco Inc., A Montana Corportation Butte MT
1990, Organizational Maintenance Shop Missoula MT
1990, National Guard Armory, Livingston MT
1990, Jb’s Family Restaurants, Entire, Great Falls MT
1990, Jb’s Family Restaurant, Great Falls MT
1990, Jackson School, Jackson MT
1990, Jackson School, Entire, Jackson MT
1990, Flamingo Lounge, Great Falls MT
1990, Federal Aviation Administration, Sector Field Office, Belgrade MT
1990, Bozeman High School,# 9, # 30, # 32, # 33, Bozeman MT
1990, AAA Montana-Helena, Helena MT
1989, Yellowstone Basin Properties, Office, Bozeman MT
1989, YMCA, Great Falls MT
1989, Whittier School&Bozeman Sr High School,#1&3  #21&23,Bozeman MT
1989, Town Pump Inc., Addition Colstrip MT
1989, Organizational Maintenance Shop Belgrade MT
1989, Multi-Purpose Range Facility Helena MT
1989, Malmstrom A.F.B – Burger King Great Falls MT
1988, Town Pump, Addition, Butte MT
1988, Town Pump Laundry Butte MT
1988, Town Pump Inc. Whitehall MT
1988, Town Pump Car Wash, Butte MT
1988, Smith Hardware Wht Sulphur Springs MT
1988, Msu Northern Mckenzie Hall, Great Falls MT
1988, Montana State University Motor &Generator Addition, Bozeman MT
1988, Midwest Industries Bozeman MT
1988, Jorgenson’s Holiday Motel Helena MT
1988, Highland Park School, Great Falls MT
1988, Bozeman Oil And Lube Bozeman MT
1988, Belt Valley High School, Boiler Room Addition, Belt MT
1988, Avionics Storage, Bldg # 35, Great Falls MT
1988, Andriolo Building Bozeman MT
1988, #1082 Scope Exchange Support Facility Great Falls MT
1987, Multi Purpose Indoor Range Glendive MT
1987, Multi Purpose Indoor Range Billings MT
1987, Eagles Lodge #1693 Hamilton MT
1986, Montana State University, Quad C, Bozeman MT
1986, Gta Feeds Great Falls MT
1986, Fort Benton School District #1,Band Room,Fort Benton MT
1986, Fort Benton School District #1 Computer Room, Fort Benton MT
1986, Beatrice Dairy Products Building Great Falls MT
1985, Wheat Foundation Great Falls MT
1985, Verna C. Mcinnis – Residence Great Falls MT
1985, Tenderfoot Enterprise Great Falls MT
1985, Shirley Wallis Great Falls MT
1985, Northside Shopping Center Great Falls MT
1985, Montana Deaconess Hospital, Dietary Addition, Great Falls MT
1985, Heron Park Lift Stateion Great Falls MT
1985, Gta Feeds Great Falls MT
1985, Fort Benton Elementary School Fort Benton MT
1985, Del Wood – Residence Great Falls MT
1985, Cogswells Insurance Great Falls MT
1985, Champion Auto Store Butte MT
1985, Carroll College, O’connell Hall, Helena MT
1985, Big Sandy Auto Parts Big Sandy MT
1985, 1st Alliance Church Great Falls MT
1983, Branding Iron Lanes Conrad MT