Missouri References

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2018, South Iron R-I Distract School ,Annapolis, MO
2016, Bank of America, St. Louis, MO
2016, Jewish Community Center, St. Louis, MO
2016,Major Brands St Louis, St. Louis, MO
2011, Woodland R – IV High School, Marble Hill MO
2011, Townsend Elementary, Townsend  MO
2011, Niles Home for Children, Kansas City MO
2011, Chariton HS, Chariton MO
2011, Anderson TBA, Chillicothe MO
2003, Desoto Tornado Damage, DeSoto MO

Completed Jobs List:

2012, St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, Sanctuary & Steeple, Independence MO
2012, No. Central MO Children’s Advocacy, Trenton MO
2012, Bowersox Insurance, High, St Louis MO
2012, 1330 Baur Blvd, East, St Louis MO
2011, Youth & Family Center, St Louis MO
2011, Woodland R-IV School, Marble Hill MO
2011, Wireco World Group, Chillicothe MO
2011, Warson Commerce Center, A-F, St Louis MO
2011, Village Plaza, 16435-16451, Ellisville MO
2011, Townsend Elementary, 2-Story Classroom Wing, Florissant MO
2011, Sunnyview Nursing Home, Kitchen Storage Room, Trenton MO
2011, Seattle Fish Co, Kansas City MO
2011, Richmond Methodist Church, Richmond MO
2011, Orscheln’s, Bethany MO
2011, Niles Home For Children, West, Kansas City MO
2011, Kuecker Logistics, Warehouse, Bellon MO
2011, Industiral Hardware, E, N Kansas City MO
2011, Great Plains Federal Credit Union, Joplin MO
2011, Fountain View Condos, 7747 Section, Clayton MO
2011, Forsyth Blvd. Apts, St Louis MO
2011, First Cash Pawn, Entire Excluding Front Canopy, St Louis MO
2011, Fastenal Bldg & Leonard Packaging, N Kansas City MO
2011, Electrical Apparatus Service, One, St Louis MO
2011, East Buchanan C-1 Public School, Senior Hall, Gower MO
2011, Delmar/Limit Partners, University City MO
2011, Daviess County Library, East & West, Gallatin MO
2011, Concerned Care Inc., N Kansas City MO
2011, Children’s Choice Too, Kansas City MO
2011, Chariton High School, A2, A3, A4, B3 & B4, Chariton MO
2011, Central Elementary School, 2-Story Classroom Wing, Chillicothe
2011, Casa Montez Lounge, Joplin MO
2011, Brush Creek Cmty Center, Gym, Kansas City MO
2011, Botts & Tye Heating/Cooling, Showroom & Shop, Chillicothe MO
2011, Beth Haven Church, Kansas City MO
2011, Associated Footwear, St Louis MO
2011, Anderson TBA, Showroom & Shop, Chillicothe MO
2011, 9300 Natural Bridge Road, East, St Louis MO
2011, 4240 Rider Trail North, North, Earth City MO
2011, 10424 Manchester Road, Entire & Canopy, St Louis MO
2010, Woodland R-Iv School, Elementary Wings, Marble Hill MO
2010, West End Lofts, Entire Excluding Penthouses, St Louis MO
2010, Water Works, Kansas City MO
2010, Victory Freewill Baptist Church, All Flat Areas, Kansas City MO
2010, St. Elizabeth’s Parish, Gym, Kansas City MO
2010, Second Presbyterian Church, Flat Roof – West Side, Kansas City
2010, Schaeffer Water Center, Office/Warehouse, Cape Girardeau MO
2010, Sam Scarfino, N Kansas City MO
2010, Parkview Towers, University City MO
2010, Oak Grove High School, Gym, Oak Grove MO
2010, Mcgilley Midtown Chapel, A, B, C, D And E, Kansas City MO
2010, La Casa De Saluda, West, St Louis MO
2010, Kearney Elementary School, A, B, C, D & E, Kearney MO
2010, Industrial Spring Corp., Riverside MO
2010, Desert Stream Ministries, Grandview MO
2010, Dairy Queen, St Charles MO
2010, Custom Auto Glass, North Half, Chillicothe MO
2010, Core 10 Architects/Lifestyles Center, Main, Clayton MO
2010, Concordia Historical Institute, Conference Room, St Louis MO
2010, Christ The King United Church, Church Roof, Florissant MO
2010, Chillicothe Middle School, Science Wing & Library, Chillicothe MO
2010, Chillicothe Constitution Tribune, Chillicothe MO
2010, Chillicothe Baptist Home, Kitchen/Offices, Chillicothe MO
2010, Certified Safety, Northeast Quarter, Kansas City MO
2010, Certified Safety, Band-Aid Lower, Ramp & Liquid Fill, Kansas City
2010, C.H. Wohl Building, Creve Coeur MO
2010, Bkb, Llc, A, B, & C, Kansas City MO
2010, Allen Village School, Lower North, Kansas City MO
2010, 2200 West Port Plaza Dr, Hight Roof, St Louis MO
2009, Village Plaza, Vet Clinic & Valharta Restaurant, Ellisville MO
2009, Tdq Properties, Kansas City MO
2009, Stonehenge Apts, See Addendum, Kansas City MO
2009, Stone Church, Education Center, Independence MO
2009, St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, L Shaped Flat Section, Independence
2009, South County Antique Mall, Lower & Penthouse, St Louis MO
2009, Smith Tool, N Kansas City MO
2009, Sheridan’s Frozen Custard, Liberty MO
2009, Seven Oaks Station, St Louis MO
2009, Schuyler County R-1 Schools, Elem & Middle Schools, Queen City
2009, Riverline Campus – Bldg A, North Half, Earth City MO
2009, Quintessential, St Charles MO
2009, Putnam School District, Auditorium & Elementary, Unionville MO
2009, Petroleum Equipment Co, West, Kansas City MO
2009, Oak Tower, Eyebrows – 19th Flr, Kansas City MO
2009, Mid America Wholesale, Kansas City MO
2009, Lawson Assembly Of God, All Flat Areas, Lawson MO
2009, Kearney Middle School, A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, & I, Kearney MO
2009, Kearney High School, A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H & I, Kearney MO
2009, Grundy County Museum Annex, Barton Bldg, Trenton MO
2009, Green City Schools, Elem & High School, Green City MO
2009, First Christian Church, Unionville MO
2009, First Bank Of Mo, Drive-Thru, Gladstone MO
2009, First Bank Of MO, Lower, Gladstone MO
2009, Endoscopy Center East, Independence MO
2009, Edu. Foundation Of Alpha Gamma Rho, Upper & Lower, Kansas
          City MO
2009, Dillards – Jamestown Mall, Southeast Quadrant, Florissant MO
2009, Chillicothe Fire Dept Bldg, All Flat Sections, Chillicothe MO
2009, Certified Safety, Upper (East) & Lower (West), Kansas City MO
2009, Car Smart, Kansas City MO
2009, Capital Electric Line Builders, Mccray Lumber Bldg, Riverside MO
2009, Canton School District, Elem Wing, Office Rooms, Hs Rooms,
          Canton MO
2009, Brod-Dugan Bldg, Clayton MO
2009, Broadway 46 Apts, Kansas City MO
2009, Broadway 46 Apts, Bldgs 403, 409, 415, Kansas City MO
2009, Baha I Faith Center, Upper Main, Kansas City MO
2009, Allen Village School, All Excluding Lower North Roof, Kansas City
2008, Ymca (Headstart), Kansas City MO
2008, Wright Memorial Hospital, Outpatient/Surgery/Icu, Trenton MO
2008, Urban Community Leadership Academy, Kansas City MO
2008, Trenton City Hall, Trenton MO
2008, Superior Moving & Storage, Upper & Lower, Kansas City MO
2008, St. Elizabeth Parish, Upper, Kansas City MO
2008, Schad Properties, Lower North Side, Grandview MO
2008, Save-A-Lot, Kansas City MO
2008, Research North, Main & Penthouse, St Louis MO
2008, RMF Steel Products Co., Grandview MO
2008, Overland Baptist Church, South 2-Story Section, Overland MO
2008, Oak Tower, Eyebrow-22nd Floor, Kansas City MO
2008, Oak Grove Primary School, Oak Grove MO
2008, Oak Grove High School, Oak Grove MO
2008, Nydegger Properties, Warehouse, N Kansas City MO
2008, Nydegger Properties, Production Office, N Kansas City MO
2008, Northern Hills Baptist Church, Sanctuary, Holt MO
2008, Northern Hills Baptist Church, Community Center, Holt MO
2008, North Minister Presbyterian Church, C & D, Kansas City MO
2008, North American Savings Bank, All Flat Areas, Excelsior Springs MO
2008, Mt. Moriah – Terrace Park, Kansas City MO
2008, Mp Investments, Lower, Kansas City MO
2008, Motor Lofts, St Louis MO
2008, Mead O’brien, St Louis MO
2008, Mead O’brien, St Louis MO
2008, Mead O’brien, N Kansas City MO
2008, MOunt Moriah & Freeman Funeral Home, East, Kansas City MO
2008, Lockridge, Constant & Conrad Accountants, Trenton MO
2008, Lambert Air National Guard, Bldg 31, St Louis MO
2008, Kansas City Club, Kitchen & Hallway, Kansas City MO
2008, Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Grandview MO
2008, Grundy County Museum, Trenton MO
2008, Grand River Area Technical School, Chillicothe MO
2008, Forest Hills Country Club, Club House, Clarkson Valley MO
2008, First Christian Church, Sunday School Wing, Trenton MO
2008, Evolution Audio, Kansas City MO
2008, Clayco Electric, N Kansas City MO
2008, Chillicothe Middle School, Classrooms, Cafeteria, Gym, Chillicothe
2008, Charter Communications, Olivette MO
2008, Brookfield High School, East Half, Brookfield MO
2008, 63rd & Oak St Bldg, Kansas City MO
2007, Wornall Park Condos, Kansas City MO
2007, Woodcrest Executive, Creve Coeur MO
2007, Windsong Management, Kansas City MO
2007, Watkins Funeral Home, Kansas City MO
2007, Vc 999, Burg And Barrel, N Kansas City MO
2007, Tyson Foods, South Roof – B, Concordia MO
2007, Trxc Landscaping, St Louis MO
2007, Scarrit Properties, Tower (Including J), Kansas City MO
2007, Rubin Eye Center, Flat Roof Area, Gladstone MO
2007, R.H. Fasteners, 1 And 2, Riverside MO
2007, Olshan Foundations, Raytown MO
2007, Oak Tower, A And C, Kansas City MO
2007, Nativity Of Mary Church, Flat Roof Area, Independence MO
2007, Missouri Plating Co., Kansas City MO
2007, Kryger Glass, Office, Kansas City MO
2007, Klahn Real Estate, South, Kansas City MO
2007, Klahn Real Estate, Kansas City MO
2007, Kansas City Club, Mechanical Room & Elevator Shaft, Kansas City
2007, Kansas City Club, A, Kansas City MO
2007, Joseph White Building, 2nd Floor – South, Brentwood MO
2007, Heritage Funeral Home, Parkville MO
2007, Henry Wurst Inc., Southeast, N Kansas City MO
2007, Good Samaritan Center, Excelsior Springs MO
2007, Fern Ridge Corporate Center, Creve Coeur MO
2007, Faith Mission Church, Kansas City MO
2007, Des Peres Shopping Center, Upper Flat Roof – Right, St Louis MO
2007, D.W. Newcomers, Middle, Kansas City MO
2007, Contrast Equipment Co., Kansas City MO
2007, Captain D’s Seafood, Entire Flat Roof Area, Festus MO
2007, Broadway Baptist Church, Upper Middle & Lower, Kansas City MO
2007, Ballwin Baptist Church, Side Entry, Ballwin MO
2007, 33 Worthington Access Drive Building, Maryland Heights MO
2007, 1624 Grand Blvd. Building, Kansas City MO
2006, Trenton Water Plant, Main, River & Reservoir Bldgs., Trenton MO
2006, Trenton Sanitation Plant, Office, Garage & Pumphouse, Trenton
2006, Trenton Power Plant, Trenton MO
2006, Trenton Arms Apartments, Trenton MO
2006, Treetop Shopping Center, Phase III (East Section), Manchester MO
2006, The Pager And Phone Company, Kansas City MO
2006, Tacony Corporation, Fenton MO
2006, St. John’s Mercy Medical Center, Patient Tower A, St Louis MO
2006, St. Elizabeth’s Parish, Kansas City MO
2006, Regal Plastics, North And South, Kansas City MO
2006, Qual-Serv, Northeast Corner, N Kansas City MO
2006, Professional Resource Development, O’Fallon MO
2006, Norbank, Main Roof And Canopy, N Kansas City MO
2006, Mo-Kan Distribution, All Except Office, Kansas City MO
2006, Mid-America Contractors, Inc., N Kansas City MO
2006, Mart Plaza, Awning, St Joseph MO
2006, Kwik Kar Wash & Detail Center, Parkville MO
2006, Joseph White Building, 8th Floor, Brentwood MO
2006, Helzburg Diamonds, Southeast Lower Section, N Kansas City MO
2006, General Accounting Services, N Kansas City MO
2006, Frederick Towers, St Joseph MO
2006, Forum Apartments, Chesterfield MO
2006, Forum Apartments, Bldgs. 1160 And 1163, Chesterfield MO
2006, Autobahn Car Wash, St Charles MO
2006, All Star Awards & Ad Specialties, Inc., Kansas City MO
2006, Aileen Quirk & Sons, Inc., Office, N Kansas City MO
2006, 1103 South 169 Highway, A, Smithville MO
2005, Yates Electric, N Kansas City MO
2005, Webster Pine Apartments, Webster Groves MO
2005, Walt Disney Elementary School, Lower Roof And Multi-Bldg,
          Marceline MO
2005, Trenton High School, High School, Music Room & Stadium Roof, 
          Trenton MO
2005, Treetop Shopping Center, Phase Iii, Manchester MO
2005, The House Of Deliverance Church, Berkley MO
2005, Solon Gershman, Inc., Barrel Roof, Clayton MO
2005, Sign Craft, Northwest Corner, N Kansas City MO
2005, NCMC Bookstore, Theater, Freeman Hall, Barnes Hall, Trenton MO
2005, NCMC Arts Center, Old Tire Store, Trenton MO
2005, Municipal Light Plant, A, Odessa MO
2005, Montage Foods, Kansas City MO
2005, Laredo School, One-Story Classrooms, Laredo MO
2005, Keepsake Fudge, Independence MO
2005, Joseph White Building, 2nd Floor – North, Brentwood MO
2005, Industrial Hardware, C, D, N Kansas City MO
2005, Hy-Vee Food Store, Trenton MO
2005, Gregg Tabernacle, Kansas City MO
2005, Gary Graham Building, Raytown MO
2005, Franciscan Sisters Of Mary – Convent Home, St Louis MO
2005, Foristell Office And Warehouse, Foristell MO
2005, Executive Park Office Plaza One, Kansas City MO
2005, Children’s Hope Center, St Louis MO
2005, Breen Development, Kansas City MO
2005, Aileen Quirk & Sons, Inc., Factory, N Kansas City MO
2005, 1670 Fenpark Drive, Fenton MO
2004, Page Walton Industrial Center, North Section, Vinita Park MO
2004, Page Walton Industrial Center, Middle & South Sections, Vinita Park
2004, Mid County 6, Upper East, Vinita Park MO
2004, Layson Hall, Trenton MO
2004, Lakeview Office Center, Chesterfield MO
2004, Ketcham Community Center – NCMC, Trenton MO
2004, Geyer Hall – NCMC, Whole Building, Trenton MO
2004, Frey Administration Building, Trenton MO
2004, Forum Apartments, H Bldg & 1140 Bldg, Chesterfield MO
2004, Clarkson Crossing, Ellisville MO
2003, Westview Place, St Louis MO
2003, Paster, West & Kraner Warehouse, West End, Hazelwood MO
2003, Paster, West & Kraner Warehouse, East Section, Hazelwood MO
2003, Mccurdy Elementary School, Two Story Classroom Section,
          Florrisant MO
2003, Larkin Williams Bldg., Fenton MO
2003, Fairfax #3, Elementary Roof, Fairfax MO
2003, Cdm Fantasy Sports, St Louis MO
2002, Winona R-Iii Schools, Elementary And High School Classrooms,
          Winona MO
2002, St. Louis Business Center, Bldg B, St Louis MO
2002, St. Louis Business Center, Bldg A, St Louis MO
2002, Max Berry Music Shop, West End, Kansas City MO
2002, Hazelwood Roof Rehabilitation, Hazelwood MO
2002, B.B.I. Of Kansas City, Inc., Entire Barrel Roof, Kansas City MO
2001, Van-Far High School, Gym/Stage/Lower Roof, Vandalia MO
2001, Van-Far Elementary School, Vandalia MO
2001, St. Louis Business Center, St Louis MO
2001, St. Louis Business Center, St Louis MO
2001, Mid County 6 (All Except Up East), All Except Up East, Vinita Park
2001, Hazelwood West Jr High School, Hazelwood MO
2000, St. Pius V Catholic Church, Classroom Building, St Louis MO
2000, St. Louis Children’s Hospital, 12th Floor Generator Room, St Louis
2000, Mcphearson Condominiums, East Side, St Louis MO
2000, Beauvais Manor On The Park, Upper Wings Over Dining Room, St
          Louis MO
2000, Andrews Academy, Additions, St Louis MO
2000 Montgomery First National Bank #1545, St Louis MO
1999, Warner Jenkinson Company, Grossman Bldg, St Louis MO
1999, St. Vincent De Paul High School, Perryville MO
1999, Fair Play R-Ii School, New Addition, Fairplay MO
1998, Warren County R-Iii School District, 1, 6, 7, 12, 20, Warrenton MO
1998, Pennzoil Products Co., Maryland Heights MO
1998, 7816 Forsyth Clayton Arcade, West Side, Clayton MO
1997, Wentzville South Middle School, Phase Ii Addition, Wentzville MO
1997, Warren County R-Iii High School, No.2, Warrenton MO
1997, Warren County R-Iii Elementary School, No. 15, Warrenton MO
1997, Osage Co. R-Iii School District, New Addition, Westphalia MO
1997, Jury Elementary School, Gym, Classrooms, Florissant MO
1997, Green Forest School, Elementary Addn., Salem MO
1997, Desoto Senior High School, Cafe & Schoolrooms, Desoto MO
1997, Callaway Co. R-3 High School, New, New Bloomfield MO
1996, Warrenton R-Iii School Gymnasium, Entire Gym, Warrenton MO
1996, South Tower Apartments, West Plains MO
1996, Seymour High School, Entire (Excl Gym), Seymour MO
1996, Salem R-80 School, Partial Jr. H. S., Salem MO
1996, Place De La Concorde, Bldg #54, St Louis MO
1996, Norwalk Vault Co., C, D, E, F, Pagedale MO
1996, Mcdonnell Douglas, B & C, St Louis MO
1996, Mcdonnell Douglas Building 273, Hazelwood MO
1996, Madison Warehouse, B, St Louis MO
1996, Madison Warehouse *Never Transferred*, B & D, St Louis MO
1996, Jesuit Hall, St Louis MO
1996, Garrett Elementary School, Hazelwood MO
1996, Enterprise Leasing Co., Service Dept., St Louis MO
1996, Desoto Senior High School, Classrooms, Desoto MO
1995, Walnut Grove Apartments, West Plains MO
1995, St. Elizabeth Of Hungary, Middle Section, Crestwood MO
1995, Rothman Furniture Store, Showroom, O’fallon MO
1995, Rothman Furniture Store, Show Room, St Louis MO
1995, Reserve Center Addition, St Louis MO
1995, Meramec Tower Building, Walkway Roof, St Louis MO
1995, Mccurdy Elementary School, Cafe, Gym, Class Rooms, Florissant MO
1995, Licking School Junior High School, Roof, Licking MO
1995, Licking Elementary School, Roof, Licking MO
1995, John Burroughs School, Science Building, Ladue MO
1995, Gooch Warehouse, N Kansas City MO
1995, Francis Howell North High School, 1994 Reroofing Package C, St Charles MO
1995, Francis Howell High School Bldg G, Center & South, St Charles MO
1995, Fairmount Elementary School, X-Wing & Gym, St Peters MO
1995, Fairmount Elementary School, Office & Library, St Peters MO
1995, Fairmount Elementary School, North & South Wings, St Peters MO
1995, Desoto Junior High School, Gymnasium Roof, Desoto MO
1995, Clopton Middle School, Clarksville MO
1995, Clopton High School, Clarksville MO
1995, Castilio Elementary School, St Charles MO
1995, Burlington Northern Railroad Yard Office, Front Canopy, St Louis MO
1995, 200 South Hanley, St Louis MO
1994, Wentzville R-Iv Middle School, Wentzville MO
1994, Warner Jenkinson Company, Lake Plant, St Louis MO
1994, Warner Jenkinson Co., Power House, St Louis MO
1994, Warner Jenkinson Co., Niro Building, St Louis MO
1994, Warner Jenkinson Co., Dryer/Grinder, St Louis MO
1994, Village Plaza Shopping Center, Arnold MO
1994, Viburnum School (Iron County, C-4 District), Viburnum MO
1994, Thermal Science Inc., Fenton MO
1994, St. Louis Music Company, St Louis MO
1994, Sherman Hill Fieldhouse, Licking MO
1994, Salem Lutheran School, St Louis MO
1994, Rothman Furniture, Manchester MO
1994, Regency Park, St Louis MO
1994, Place De La Concorde, St Louis MO
1994, Jamestown Elementary, Florissant MO
1994, Howell H.S. Industrial Technology Bldg, South Section, St Charles MO
1994, Hollenbeck School, St Charles MO
1994, Hazelwood West High School, Gym Roof, Hazelwood MO
1994, Hazelwood East High School, St Louis MO
1994, Hazelwood Central High School, Pool Roof, Florissant MO
1994, Glasgow Village Shopping Center, St Louis MO
1994, Fry-Wagner Moving & Storage, St Louis MO
1994, First Baptist Church Of Ellisville, Ellisville MO
1994, Dubinsky And Sons, St Louis MO
1994, Desoto High School, Ii Building-Gymnasium, Desoto MO
1994, Clopton Elementary School, Clarksville MO
1994, Ashby – Baur Offices, Olivette MO
1994, A. Marino D.D.S., St Louis MO
1994, 3440 Hollenberg, Bridgeton MO
1994, 20 South Hanley – Wine Merchant, Clayton MO
1993, Whitfield School, St Louis MO
1993, St. Louis State Hospital, St Louis MO
1993, Rothman Furniture Store, St Louis MO
1993, Quaker Window Products, Freidburg MO
1993, Meramec Group Inc., Ramsey Building, Sullivan MO
1993, Manchester Center (Uncle Sams), Manchester MO
1993, Hollenbeck Junior High School, St Charles MO
1993, Francis Howell High School, Ind. Tech. Building, St Charles MO
1993, Francis Howell High School, Building C, St Charles MO
1993, Emmons Title Co., St Charles MO
1993, Clayton Tower, Clayton MO
1993, Ashby – Baur Offices, Olivette MO
1992, Union Electric – Distribution Works HQ, Maryland Heights MO
1992, Stupp Brothers Bridge & Iron Company, St Louis MO
1992, Police Fleet Supply Building, St Louis MO
1992, Our Lady Of Mercy, Hazelwood MO
1992, Mallinkrodt Building #116, St Louis MO
1992, Jackson Arms Apartments, St Louis MO
1992, Hope Education & Research Center, Creve Coeur MO
1992, Hollenbeck Junior High School, St Charles MO
1992, Francis Howell Bus Garage, St Charles MO
1992, Farmers And Traders Bank, California MO
1992, Fairmount Elementary School, St Peters MO
1992, Daniel Boone Elementary, Wentzville MO
1992, Central Hardware Store #34, St Louis MO
1992, Castilio Elementary, St Charles MO
1992, Cargill, New Dock, California MO
1992, Busch Memorial Center (St Louis Univ.), St Louis MO
1992, 12 South Hanley, Clayton MO
1991, Welfare Expansion. Cargill Inc., California MO
1991, Warner Jenkinson Co., Dye Plant & Jet Mill, St Louis MO
1991, Union Pacific, Floors 22 & 23, St Louis MO
1991, St. Louis Police Dept, Fleet Service Bldg, St Louis MO
1991, Sandor Corp., Sedalia MO
1991, Riverfront Playhouse, Branson MO
1991, Polk County R-Vi, Pleasant Hope MO
1991, Phase II Fulbright Water Treatment Plant, Springfield MO
1991, Musick Pool Bathhouse, Hazelwood MO
1991, Mercantile Tower, St Louis MO
1991, Leggett & Platt Inc., Dining Room, Carthage MO
1991, Larson Packaging Equipment Co., Fenton MO
1991, Hollenbeck Junior High School, St Charles MO
1991, Hollenbeck Junior High School, St Charles MO
1991, Git-N-Go, Springfield MO
1991, Git-N-Go Convenience Store, Springfield MO
1991, Fairmount Elementary School, St Peters MO
1991, Daniel Boone Elementary, Wentzville MO
1991, Central Elementary School, St Charles MO
1991, Central Elementary School, St Charles MO
1991, Cargill Inc., Boxing & Icemaking, California MO
1991, Bissell Hills Shopping Center, St Louis MO
1991, Becky David School, St Charles MO
1991, Becky David Elementary School, St Charles MO
1991, Bayless Consolidated School District, St Louis MO
1991, Athena School, Desoto MO
1991, Ashby – Baur Offices, Overland MO