Hurricane Irma Results

City of Apopka FL. News 13
June 2013 Hurricane Proof Roofs Segment:
Ralph Jewell explains why Seminole County Schools choose 2001 Company’s  Wind Vented Roof Systems™ for some of their schools

Hurricane Irma Results:

“all of the school roofs that had the 2001 Co. Roof System on them were in great shape and survived hurricane Irma just fine.”

2017  Lake Brantley High School, Altamonte Springs,FL
2017  Lake Orienta Elementary School,  Altamonte Springs, FL
2017  Forest City Elementary School,  Altamonte Springs, FL
2017 Bear Lake Elementary School, Apopka, FL
“. . .the 2001 Co. Roof Systems . . . were in great shape and survived hurricane Irma just fine . . . ”
2017 Barefoot Beach Club One Condominiums, Bonita Springs, FL

Hernando County School District:

” . . . all the schools with the 2001 Co. Roof Systems were okay.”

2017 Fox Chapel Middle School, Brooksville, FL
2017 Eastside Elementary School, Brooksville, FL
2017 Faro Building, Lake Mary, FL
“ . . . despite winds up to 100 MPH w/ Hurricane Irma there were no problems with the 2001 Co. Roof System”
2017 Alaso USA, Lakeland, FL
“Hurricane Irma ripped through Lakeland with winds in excess of 130 MPH and the 2001 Co. Roof System had no issues.”
2017 Pasco County School District, Land o’ Lakes, FL
“ . . . after Hurricane Irma hit with winds up to 125 MPH there were no problems with the 2001 Co. roof system.”
2017 Star Center, Largo, FL
“There were no problems with the 2001 Co. roof system after Hurricane Irma lashed Largo with up to 125 MPH winds.”
2017 Apollo Condominiums, Marco Island, FL
“ . . . the roof sustained no damage from Hurricane Irma.”
2017 Les Falls Condominiums, Marco Island, FL
” . . . after Hurricane Irma struck with over 140 MPH winds, the 2001 Co. Roof System did great!”
2017 Contessa Condominiums, Naples, FL
” . . . with wind gusts of up to 142 MPH, the 2001 Co. Roof System on their building did great!”
2017 Le Rivage Condominium, Naples, FL
” . . . the 2001 Co. Roof System was Perfect!”
2017 Venetian Tower Condominiums, Naples, FL
” . . . there were no issues after Hurricane Irma.”
2017 Royale Tern Condominiums, Sanibel Island, FL
“The 2001 Co. roofs fared well through Hurricane Irma.”
Spring Hill Elementary School, (Hernando County) Spring Hill, FL
Springstead High School, (Hernando County) Spring Hill, FL
2017 Security Mini Storage, Tampa, FL
“The buildings with 2001 Co. Roof Systems had no issues and did great through the hurricane!”
2017 Hyatt Place , Tampa, FL
“. . .after going through winds of up to 125 MPH, everything up on the roof is fine . . .”
2017 Center for Child and Family Wellness, Winter Park, FL
“ . . . despite winds up to 100 MPH with Hurricane Irma there were no problems with the 2001 Co. Roof System”

Florida  References:

Hurricane Proof Roofs Mailer for Florida’s West Coast (June 2013)
Hurricane Proof Roofs Mailer for Florida’s East Coast (June 2013)

Earlier Job Profiles: 
(the links below will open a PDF profile of the  job).

2014 Sav-A-Lot, Orlando, FL

2014 River Club Condo, South Daytona Beach, FL

2014 Manatee Emergency Operations Center, Brandenton FL

2014 Euclid Apartments, Tampa, FL

2013 Star Center, Largo FL

2013 Saddle Creek Bldg 9, Lakeland FL

2013 Promenade Condominiums. Orlando FL

2013 Oakland Place Condo Office Building, Oakland F
2013 Lake Mary Elementary School, Lake Mary FL

2013 Iron Mountain, Gainsville FL

2012 Winter Springs Elementary, Winter Springs FL

2012 Ocean Jewels Condominium, Daytona Beach FL

2012 Lake Orienta Elementary School, Altamonte Springs FL

2012 Haines City Police Department, Haines City FL

2012 Forest City Elementary, Altamonte Springs FL

2012 Eustis Library, Eustis FL

2011 Ocean House Condos, Ormand Beach FL

2011 Medical Center, Daytona Beach FL

2011 Lake Brantley HS, Altamonte Springs FL

2011 New Smyrna Beach Utilities, New Smyrna Beach FL 

2011 Lake Brantley High School, Altamonte Springs FL

2010 Tibbals Learning Center, Srasota FL

2010 Municial Stadium, Daytona Beach FL

2010 Marko Villas, Cocoa Beach FL

2010 Southwind Condo, New Smyrna Beach FL

2010 Hugh Ashe Manor, Dealnad FL

2010 East Wind Condominiums, Ponce Inlet FL

2010 Daytona Beach Shores City Hall, FL

2010 Castle Reef Condominiums, New Smyrna Beach, FL

2010 Brennan WWTP, Daytona Beach FL

2009 Creekside Manor Condos II, Clearwater FL

2008 Gulf & Bay Club, Siesta Keys FL

2008 County Center; Chiller Pit, Tampa FL

2008 Serenity House, Deland, FL

2007 The Times Building, Tampa FL

2007 Galaxy Lanes, Fort Meyers, FL

2007 CNL Headquarters, Orlando FL

2005 Peck Plaza, Daytona Beach Shores FL

2005 Martinique Condominium, Ponce Inlet FL

2005 Harley Davidson, Ormond Beach FL

2005 Cocoa Beach Surf Company, Cocoa Beach FL

2004 Gulf High Gymnasium, New Port Richie, FL

2004 Esplanade Club Condominiums, Naples FL

2003 The Vistas Condo, Naples FL

2003 Publix, Lakeland, FL

2003 Lyman High School (Phase I), Longwood FL

2002 AT&T, Lake Mary, FL

2001 Orlando EOC, Orlando, FL

2001 Hillsborough County Center FL

1999 Golden Arms Condo, New Smyrna Beach FL

1989 Miami International Airport, Concourse F&G, Miami FLCompleted Job List:
2012, Young’s Animal Hospital, Titusville, FL
2011, Utilities Of New Smyrna Beach, New Smyrna Beach FL
2011, Tibbals Learning Center, Phase II, Sarasota FL
2011, Ocean House Condo, Bldg B – North Bldg Ormond Beach FL
2011, Ocean House Condo, A (South Bldg) Ormond Beach FL
2011, Le Rivage Condo, Naples FL
2011, Lake Brantley High School, 4, 5, West Side Of 3, Altamonte Springs FL
2011, FL Medical Center Daytona Beach FL
2011, Daytona Beach Pier, Sky Lounge, Daytona Beach FL
2011, Bay Pointe Condos, Bldgs 8801-8808, Tampa FL
2010, Southwind Condominium New Smyrna Beach FL
2010, Security Mini-Storage, Bldg. D (#28-74) Bldg E, Tampa FL
2010, Ormond Heritage Condos, South Bldg-SW Corner Ormond Beach FL
2010, Municipal Stadium Daytona Beach FL
2010, Marko Villas Condos Cocoa Beach FL
2010, Hugh Ash Manor, Upper Deland FL
2010, Fox Chapel Middle School, Media Center, Spring Hill FL
2010, East Winds Condos, South Bldg, Ponce Inlet FL
2010, City Hall Daytona Beach FL
2010, Castle Reef Condos, South Half & Club House, New Smyrna Beach FL
2010, Brennan Water Treatment Plant, Ozone Bldg, Daytona Beach FL
2010, Brennan Water Treatment Plant High Bay, Daytona Beach FL
2009, Le Rivage Condo, Mech Room, Naples FL
2009, Creekside Manor Ii Clearwater FL
2009, Castle Reef Condos North Half New Smyrna Beach FL
2009, Administration Bldg. Cocoa FL
2008, West Shore Of Sanibel Condos Main, Sanibel Island FL
2008, Summit House Condos Main Marco Island FL
2008, Oceanside 99 Ormond Beach FL
2008, Oceans West Condos, Office & Common Areas, Daytona Beach FL
2008, Monaco Beach Club, Upper Roof, Naples FL
2008, Haven Recovery Center Deland FL
2008, Gulf & Bay Club, Siesta Key FL
2008, Easton, Sanderson & Co., D (North) & E (West), Jacksonville FL
2008, County Center Cooling Tower, Tampa FL
2008, Bay Harbour Club North And South, Bonita Springs FL
2007, Zellnor Building FLat Roof, Fort Myers FL
2007, Winter Park Business Center Winter Park FL
2007, Times Building Tampa FL
2007, One Orlando Center, Mechanical Room Orlando FL
2007, Little Hickory Bay Condominiums Bonita Springs FL
2007, Grand Coquina Condos, Daytona Beach FL
2007, Daytona Beach Resort, Banquet Room And Kitchen, Daytona Beach FL
2007, Daytona Beach Resort, 5th FLoor, Daytona Beach FL
2007, Canaveral Towers, West Carport Cape Canaveral FL
2007, CNL Headquarters Main And Penthouse Orlando FL
2007, Brennan Water Treatment Plant, Lab A & B And Office, Daytona Beach FL
2007, Beachcomber Gifts, 1-4 North Ft. Myers FL
2007 Orion Bank All FLat Roofs, Naples FL
2006, Windward East Condominium, East Building (A) Cocoa Beach FL
2006, West Gate Condominiums North And South Build, Naples FL
2006, Twin Towers Cocoa Beach FL
2006, The Royal FLoridian Ormond Beach FL
2006, Naples Cove Condominium, #285, Naples FL
2006, Maui-Nix Surf Shop Daytona Beach FL
2006, Les Falls Condominiums Marco Island FL
2006, Le Ciel Park Tower Condominiums, Naples FL
2006, La Maison Club Condominiums, West & South Bldgs, Naples FL
2006, Kalin Furniture Ormond Beach FL
2006, Hickman Warehouse Lake Mary FL
2006, FLorida Marketplace, Direct Mortgage, Melbourne FL
2006, FLorida Marketplace Inter Digital High, Melbourne FL
2006, Daytona Beach Resort Condos, Daytona Beach FL
2006, Daytona Beach Pier, Oceanside Commercial, Daytona Beach FL
2006, Colonial Club Condominiums Main Roof, Naples FL
2006, Beacon House Condominiums, East Building, Naples FL
2006, Bank Of America Ormond Beach FL
2006, Am South Bank Palm Harbor FL
2006 Windward East Condominium, South Building (B) Cocoa Beach FL
2006 Orlando Dodge, Body Shop Orlando FL
2005, Wet N’ Wild Surf Grill Orlando FL
2005, Westgate Towers, Bldg. #2, Kissimmee FL
2005, Venetian Tower Condominium Main Tower, Naples FL
2005, Tropicasual Furniture Ormond Beach FL
2005, Towne Square Shopping Center *New Owne, Olde Time Pottery, Ocoee FL
2005, The Martinque, Ponce Inlet FL
2005, Tantara Condominium Main Roof, Sanibel Island FL
2005, Sunrise Beach Club, Daytona Beach FL
2005, Southpoint, Maitland FL
2005, South AWWT Facility Fort Myers FL
2005, Security Mini-Storage, Bldgs, A, B, C, And H, Tampa FL
2005, Seascape Towers Condominiums Main Roof New Smyrna Beach FL
2005, Sea Club Iv, Total 2 Areas, Daytona Beach Sho FL
2005, Sanibel Surfside Condominiums All FLat Roofs, Sanibel FL
2005, Sanctuary Gulf Village Main Roof, Sanibel FL
2005, Royale Tern Condominium Main Roof FLat Area, Sanibel Island FL
2005, Pelican Condominium, Bldgs, A, B, C, D, E, New Smyrna Beach FL
2005, Peck Plaza Daytona Beach FL
2005, Peabody Museum,1,2,3,6,7,8,10,11,14,,Daytona Beach FL
2005, Mercantile Bank Main Roof Winter Park FL
2005, Lantana Condominiums Main Building Roof, Sanibel FL
2005, La Maison Club Condominiums North Bldg – Main Roo, Naples FL
2005, Kia Showroom And Parts, Daytona Beach FL
2005, Janthina Condominiums Main, Sanibel Island FL
2005, FLorida Marketplace, P.D. Penguin’s Restua, Melbourne FL
2005, Eckler Building, Titusville FL
2005, Eastside Elementary School, Bldgs, 500, 800, 900, Brooksville FL
2005, Eagles Nest Condominiums Marco Island FL
2005, Desoto Plaza Arcadia FL
2005, Daytona Harley Ormond Beach FL
2005, Daytona Beach Towers, Daytona Beach FL
2005, Cocoa Beach Surf Co/Hotel Cocoa Beach FL
2005, Canaveral Towers Condos High Roof & East Carp Cape Canaveral FL
2005, Belfer Residence Ormond Beach FL
2005, Beacon House Condominiums, West Building, Naples FL
2005, Bayview Condominiums Main, Titusville FL
2005, Barefoot Beach Club One Condos, Bldgs 253, 255, & 257, Bonita Springs FL
2005, BMC Boats, Orlando FL
2005, Anglers Key Condominiums Main Roof, Sanibel FL
2005, Alafaya Shopping Center *Transfer Pen, South Wing Orlando FL
2004, Winn Dixie, Cocoa FL
2004, Westgate Resorts Call Center, Total Roof, Ocoee FL
2004, St. Augustine National Guard Armory, St. Francis Barracks, St Augustine  
2004, Seasons At Naples Bay, Porte Cochere, Naples FL
2004, Sand Lake Tech Center, South & Center Bldgs, Orlando FL
2004, Radisson Suites Oceanfront, Center And South Roof, Indialantic FL
2004, Public Works Maint, Bldg, Daytona Beach FL
2004, Pasco County School District, Bldg #4 Freezer Build, Land O Lakes FL
2004, Orlando Dodge, Orlando FL
2004, Monaco Beach Club Condominiums, Naples FL
2004, Meridian Club Condominiums, Naples FL
2004, Main Office Belle, Glade FL
2004, Labor Camp #2, South Building, Belle, Glade FL
2004, Keiser College, Orlando FL
2004, Gulf High School, New Port Richey FL
2004, Fantasy Island I, Daytona Beach FL
2004, Esplanade, Tower Main Level, Naples FL
2004, Atrium On The Bayshore Main Building, Tampa FL
2004, Anastasia Confections, Mfg/Office/Warehouse, Orlando FL
2004, Alaso Usa Main Office Lakeland FL
2003, West Palm Beach National Guard Armory, OMS Building, West Palm Beach  
2003, Via Delphino Main Roof, Singer Island FL
2003, The Vistas Condominiums Main Roof, Naples FL
2003, Tavares National Guard Armory, Tavares FL
2003, Tampa National Guard Armory, Ft. Homer Hesterly, Tampa FL
2003, Tampa BMMC National Guard Armory, Bmmc, Tampa FL
2003, St. Francis Annex, Bldg. #19, St Augustine FL
2003, Springstead High School, Building #9, Spring Hill FL
2003, Spring Hill Elementary School, Bldgs #400 & #500, Spring Hill FL
2003, Parrish Hospital, South Building, Titusville FL
2003, Oasis Singer Island Condominiums Riviera Beach FL
2003, North Miami National Guard Armory North Miami FL
2003, National Guard Armory, OMS Building, Tampa FL
2003, Monaco Beach Club Condominiums, Elevator & Stairwell, Naples FL
2003, Miami National Guard Armory, OMS Building Miami FL
2003, Fox Chapel Middle School, Building 300 C, Brooksville FL
2003, Dept. Of The Army Leesburg, Platoon Storage Bldg, Leesburg FL
2003, Clearwater National Guard Armory Clearwater FL
2003, Bonifay National Guard Armory Bonifay FL
2003, Avon Park National Guard Armory Avon Park FL
2003, AM South Bank, New Port Richie FL
2003, AM South Bank, Englewood FL
2003, AM South Bank,  Tampa FL
2002, Winter Haven National Guard Armory Main, Winter Haven FL
2002, Westgate Towers, Tower A, Kissimmee FL
2002, The Stratford At Pelican Bay Main Roof & Sun Deck, Naples FL
2002, Tallahassee National Guard Armory,Roofs 1, 2, 3 & 4, Tallahassee FL
2002, Strandview Condominium Main Roof, Fort Myers Beach FL
2002, South Seas NW Building #4 Main Roof, Marco Island FL
2002, South Seas NW Building #3 Main Roof, Marco Island FL
2002, Scan Design Bldg Altamonte Springs FL
2002, Sarasota National Guard Armory All Roofs, Sarasota FL
2002, Sandcastle Condominium Main Roof, Naples FL
2002, R.F. Chitty National Guard Armory, Offices And Drill Hall, Starke FL
2002, Park Plaza Condominiums, Nw Side & Chiller Are, Naples FL
2002, National Guard Armory Panama City FL
2002, Maxwell S. Synder National Guard Armor, Jacksonville FL
2002, Mark Lance National Guard Armory, Per Roof Plan, St Augustine FL
2002, Lyman High School, Bldg. 2, 5 & 6, Longwood FL
2002, Live Oak National Guard Armory, Per Drawing, Live Oak FL
2002, Le Parc Condominiums, Naples FL
2002, Lakeland National Guard Armory, Offices And Drill Hall, Lakeland FL
2002, Lake City National Guard Armory, Lake City FL
2002, Homestead National Guard Armory, Annex Bldg #759, Homestead FL
2002, Holiday Inn, Kitchen & Tower, Lake Buena Vista FL
2002, Grumman Building, Titusville FL
2002, FAB, B & C, Orlando FL
2002, Daytona Beach Afrc Daytona Beach Sho FL
2002, Crystal River National Guard Armory Main, Crystal River FL
2002, Coral Springs High School Main Buildings 1 & 2 Coral Springs FL
2002, Bradenton National Guard Armory Main Armory, Bradenton FL
2002, Boynton Beach Police Station, Boynton Bch FL
2002, Antigua Of Ponce Inlet, Ponce Inlet FL
2002, Am South Bank, Sarasota FL
2002, Am South Bank, Naples FL
2002, Alexander Shelfer Jr. National Guard A, Exterior Building, Quincy FL
2002, AT&T Lake Mary Lake Mary FL
2002 Palatka National Guard Armory All Roof Area, Palatka FL
2001, Royal Palm Towers, Fort Myers FL
2001, PCS Warehouse, Starke FL
2001, Orlando Operations Center Main & Utility Buildi Orlando FL
2001, National Guard Armory, St Petersburg FL
2001, Mina Podiatrist Office FLat Roof Area, Fort Myers FL
2001, Lawrence Center Winter Park FL
2001, Hollywood National Guard Armory, Hollywood FL
2001, Hillsborough County Center, Tampa FL
2001, Haines City National Guard Armory, Haines City FL
2001, Ft. Pierce National Guard Armory, Fort Pierce FL
2001, Ft. Myers National Guard Armory, Fort Myers FL
2001, Ft. Lauderdale National Guard Armory, Fort Lauderdale FL
2001, Forest Club Inc., Sunrise Bldg – East S, Lake Mary FL
2001, First Church Of Christ Scientist, Fort Myers FL
2001, Bonair Towers, Fort Myers FL
2001, Bldg. 5660 Camp Blanding, 1 Story Roofs, Starke FL
2001, Bldg. 5660 Camp Blanding, 1 Story Roofs, Starke FL
2001, Am South Bank, 3-3, Northport FL
2001, AM South Bank, 3-3 Northport FL
2000, The Mansions, Ponce Inlet FL
2000, Silver Sands Condominiums New Smyrna Beach FL
2000, R Lewis National Guard Armory Orlando FL
2000, Lake Wales National Guard Armory Armory, Lake Wales FL
2000, FLorida Marketplace Convention Center Northern Retail, Melbourne FL
2000, Casablanca Villas, Ponce Inlet FL
1999, V-138 Bus Holdroom, Orlando FL
1999, National Guard Armory Main Building Cocoa FL
1999, Marianna National Guard Armory Marianna FL
1999, Golden Arms Condominiums New Smyrna Beach FL
1999, Ft. Homer Hesterly Nga, Tampa FL
1999, Deland National Guard Armory, Upper Deland FL
1999, Dade City National Guard Armory, Dade City FL
1999, Crestview National Guard Armory, Crestview FL
1999, Costa Blanca Condominiums, Ponce Inlet FL
1999, Costa Blanca Condominiums, Bldg 4, Units 13, 14, Ponce Inlet FL
1999, City Of Cocoa Administration Building Cocoa FL
1999, Chilpey National Guard Armory, Chipley FL
1999, A.S. Clark Elementary School, Orlando FL
1998, TISA Warehouse, Starke FL
1998, Stainless, Office Deerfield Beach FL
1998, Ormond Holiday Club Ormond Beach FL
1998, Grosvenor Condominium, Naples FL
1998, DOL Warehouse, Starke FL
1998, Aloma Shopping Center; Kinko’s, Cinema & BLO, Winter Park FL
1994, Kendall Regional Medical Center Miami FL
1994, Discount Auto Parts, Miami FL
1994, Discount Auto Parts, Cape Coral FL
1994, Discount Auto Parts #153, Miami FL
1994, Discount Auto #83, Miami FL
1994, Discount Auto #162, Cape Coral FL
1994, Costa Blanca Condominiums, Bonita Springs FL
1994, Bonita Pines Club, Building A, Bonita Springs FL
1993, Plantation Village Condominiums, Sanibel FL
1993, Mckay Building, Naples FL
1993, Marco Island Post Office, Marco Island FL
1993, Juicy Lucy Drive-Thru Restaurant, Immokalee FL
1993, Creciente Condominiums Fort Myers FL
1992, Spring Hill Post Office Springhill FL
1992, Key Biscayne Shopping Center, Key Biscayne FL
1992, Henry Lee, Miami FL
1992, Grosvenor Of Pelican Bay, Naples FL
1991, Wp 12 Boynton Switch No I, Boynton Beach FL
1991, WP, Boynton Beach FL
1991, Sw FLorida Regional Medical Center, Heart And Outpatients, Fort Myers FL
1991, St. Mary’s Hospital, I.C.U., West Palm Beach FL
1991, St. Mary’s Hospital, Dialysis Center, West Palm Beach FL
1991, St Mary’s Hospital, SWAR, West Palm Beach FL
1991, St Mary’s Hospital, ICU, West Palm Beach FL
1991, Spring Hill Post Office, Spring Hill FL
1991, SW FL Regional Medical Center, Heart & Outpatient, Fort Myers FL
1991, Munters Corporation, Building #6, Fort Myers FL
1991, Juicy Lucy Drive-Thru Restaurant, Fort Myers FL
1991, Highland Towers Inc, Highland Beach FL
1991, Highland Towers Highland Beach FL
1990, Site Food Mart, Fort Myers FL
1990, Omega Condominiums Ii Inc., Plantation FL
1990, Munters Corporation, Building #4, Fort Myers FL
1990, Milam Interchange Center Miami FL
1990, Juicy Lucy (Hamburger Fast Food) Fort Myers FL
1990, Concourse F. Connector, Southside Miami FL
1990, Bonita Springs Fire Station, Addition, Bonita Springs FL
1990, Berkshire Condominiums, Building E, Deerfield Beach FL
1989, Olympus Condominium, Building C, Hallendale FL
1989, Olympus Condominium Canopy Area, Hallendale FL
1989, Mrs. J. Herman FLes, Atlantis FL
1989, Juicy Lucy Hamburgers, Fort Myers FL
1989, Home Depot Plaza Jacksonville FL
1989, Gulfcoast Hospital Fort, Myers FL
1989, Collins Park Commons Plant City FL
1989, Circuit City Superstore #861 Hialeah FL
1989, Beacon Club Building 220, Ceil Field FL
1989, Airways Center, Miami FL
1988, V-138 Bus Holdroom, Naples FL
1988, Tiarra East Condominium Association, Deerfield Beach FL
1988, The Carlton Condominium Boca Raton FL
1988, Tequesta Towers Condominium Tequesta FL
1988, Swift Independent Packing Company Orlando FL
1988, Swift Independent Meat Miami FL
1988, Speedway Convenience Store, Fort Myers FL
1988, Seven Day Adventist Church Port Charlotte FL
1988, Reynolds Plaza Jupiter FL
1988, Rasmussen Residence & Studios Fort Myers FL
1988, Perkins Restaurant Cape Coral FL
1988, Lehigh Corp Construction & Engineering, Office, Lehigh Acres FL
1988, Home Depot Jacksonville FL
1988, Hollywood Beach Resort Parking Garage & Theatre, Hollywood FL
1988, Clipper Cove Condominium Clearwater FL
1988, Briekner Insurance Building Cape Coral FL
1988, AB An Industries Inc., Pinelass Park FL
1988 Hillsborough County Parking Garage Tampa FL
1987, Wickes Lumber, Fort Meyers FL
1987, Toys R Us, Bradenton FL
1987, Seven Day Adventist School Port Charles FL
1987, Reynolds Aluminum, Rasco Office, Orlando FL
1987, Quail Ridge Meadowlark Section, Boynton Beach FL
1987, Oakland Lakes Square, Oakland FL
1987, Marina Southshore Condo Assn Inc., Punta Gorda FL
1987, FLorida Convalescent Center, Orlando FL
1987, FLorida Convalescent Center Vero Beach FL
1987, Calusa Retirement Center, Phase II, Fort Meyers FL
1987, Blanding Building Cape Coral FL
1986, Wild Pines Of Bonita Bay Bonita Springs FL
1986, Sunrise Square Ft. Lauderdale FL
1986, Seahouse Condo, Naples FL
1986, Royal Palm Yacht Club Ft. Myers FL
1986, Price Middle School, Interlauchen FL
1986, Pensacola Country Club, Pensacol FL
1986, Okhl, 355a Building, Oak Hill FL
1986, Melrose Elementary School St. Pete FL
1986, Lee County Assoc. For Retarded Citizen, Ft. Myers FL
1986, Key Biscayne Shopping Center Miami FL
1986, Howard Johnson’s (Lake Buena Vista) Orlando FL
1986, Holiday Inn Riverfront Fort Myers FL
1986, Development Office Building Orlando FL
1986, Bay Harbor Condos, N Ft Myers FL
1986, 111 North Orange Office Building Orlando FL
1985, Westinghouse, Office/Warehouse, Ft. Myers FL
1985, Wellness Center Medical Center Hospital, Punta Gorda FL
1985, U.S. Army Plant City FL
1985, Tradewinds Condominium, Marco Island FL
1985, Temptation Restaurant No I, Boca Grande FL
1985, Southern Bell – Tivl Hopkins St. Center, Titusville FL
1985, Sea Grape Plaza Ft. Myers FL
1985, Orld-Semoran Das Building Orlando FL
1985, Menorah Center No I, St. Petersburg FL
1985, Medical Office Building No I, Naples FL
1985, Cross Key Manor Lehigh Acres FL
1985, Coastland Mall, Phas, Naples FL
1985, Bell-Tel Federal Credit Union Orlando FL
1985, Bay Harbor Condominiums, Unit, N. Ft. Myers FL
1985, Bay Harbor Condominiums, Naples FL
1985, Arbor Office Center, Building B, Clearwater FL
1984, Town Motel FLorida City FL
1984, Sundial Condominiums, Buildings O, P &Q, Sanibel Island FL
1984, St. Pauls Presbyterian Church, Addition, Port FL
1984, Sherman Inn, Phase I & Ii, Pensacola FL
1984, Shands Teaching Hospital, Doctors Office Gainesville FL
1984, Point Brittany Condo, Building #4, St. Petersburg FL
1984, Point Brittany Condo, Building #2, St. Petersburg FL
1984, Crystal River Power Plant, Unit # 3, Crystal River FL
1983, Mobil Home North Fort Myers FL
1983, Central FLorida Kidney Center Orlando FL
1982, Winston Park Condo Complex, Bldg. 300, St. Petersburg FL
1982, W.E. Siria – Residence Fort Myers FL
1982, Raymond Lumber Company Fort Myers FL