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hat makes the 2001 Company Wind-Vented System unique?       Our Equalizer Valves turn your flat roof into a breathing roof! The more the wind blows, the more your roof’s single-ply membrane (EPDM, TPO or PVC) is “vacuum-packed” against the building itself. When the wind dies down, the valves then breathe out any moisture that has been trapped under the roof’s membrane. No other roofing system can do this. Period. •     This is an ongoing process; 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. •     Have piece of mind knowing that your roof is a working part of your 

•    To the left are graphics explaining how wind affects a building and how our valves work:

Features and Benefits of the 2001 Wind-Vented™ Systems:

Lower Cost & Environmentally Friendlier than Conventional Re-roofing! •     No rip up of old roof and carting away to landfill!
• We qualify as a Third Roof, hence we can roof over the existing roof • Significant savings – No tearing off and carting away of old roof! • Significant savings – No additional cost for new insulation 
•    2001 Co unique system uses significantly less material per roof than regular         systems!
• No need to mechanically adhere the roof membrane • Save money on small items like screws and glue – they add up! • We offer the Kelly Green Board, a better option to OSB, Plywood, or     Gypsum 
•     Minimal disruption to ongoing business during installation!

   Continuous Self-drying of Wet Roofs with Wind-Vented /Negative      Pressure System
•     Increased thermal performance and mitigation of mold, mildew and fungi •     Asbestos encapsulation 

Simplicity in Future Maintenance with up to 50 Year Warranties•     We have installed roofs in every one of the 50 states 

Superior Quality and Tested Performance
•     Superior air sealing quality of our roofs makes them extremely energy efficient 
•     National Laboratory testing 
Underwriters Laboratory (UL) – USA • National Research Council Canada – Canada

Thirty-five Year Track Record of Weathering Sun, Wind, Rain and Snow
    •     2001 Co uses only quality Membranes and Adhesives
•     Our Air Seal Techniques were developed in-house 

Spray Foam Technology•     Patented Technology causes 50 – 75% more efficiency for the roof! •     Increases the structural strength of a building in diaphragm and sheer! 

High Wind Resistance – up to 200 mph
Solar Ready
   Building Code Approved
   Installed by Local Trained Professionals

Our commitment to customer service is our most important asset. We look forward to serving you!

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