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Presentations & Documents
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Here are some in depth presentations which describe in detail various scenarios and advantages of the 2001 Company System:

City of Apopka FL. News 13; Hurricane Proof Roofs Segment  

Negative Pressure Roofing Systems

2001 Co. OSB and Sheetrock System

2001 Co. Shear Skirt System

2001 Co. Slow Rise Adhesive Foam Installation

Wind Effects on Structures

Weather & Wind Effects and the ASCE7-98

The majority of our Documents and Manuals are located in the Technical Library.

We offer an Architectural Manual, with up to date technical specifications and details.

We also offer a Contractor Manual, which has 11 in depth sections full of detailed information about our system and all the logic that goes into it!

Our Technical Drawings & Details section contains a large library of details
(PDF & JPG).
Below are PDF's that you can view:

Overview of The 2001 Co Wind Vented Roof System - Our Sales Brochure

How To Dry a Wet Roof - Our very colorful and popular booklet!

Wind Vented Technology Explained - A small presentation on how our system works

Severe Hail Damage Testing, Dec. 2001 - Testing at Koontz & Associates, Hobbs, NM.

2001 3rd Roof is IBC Building Code Compliant - How our system meets the  
                                                                          requirements by IBC
Solar Technology