08.30.15: Our website is now password free. You no longer need to sign up to view the Technical Library.

We have completely redesigned the navigation links on our website by introducing a pop-down menu site-wide. We hope this will simplify the navigation of our growing site!

A new section on the main page called Codes and Approvals has been created. This is an extensive page of information relating to IBC, Florida Product Approvals, Miami-Dade, UL and FM Approvals amongst other headings.

A new navigation menus has been introduced to simplify site navigation.

A new section called Building Codes & Approvals has also been added. Here you'll find various new documents in detail in this subject.

Under the heading Product Information we have added links to our PDS (Product Data Sheets)and MSDS (Manufacturer's Safety Data Sheets) library.

Emergency No. to call with any products safety issues:
Chem Tel 1.800.255.3924!

The Technical Library has had a small facelift as the Technical Details are now their own page.

The 2006 Architectural Manual has been removed, so now only the more relevant 2012 Architectural Manual is available in the Technical Library.

We hope everyone had a safe and happy Turkey Day! Our website has been moved to a new server. Please accept our apologies if there were any website access issues in the last few days. Don't worry, our main address has not changed! However, a new Log In system for the Technical Library has been installed so all "backdoor" links are now defunct! All current users will be able to log in as usual, and now there is a Log Out button on the Technical Library.

Please visit the Contact Us page and get a hold of us if you need a new User Name or if you can't remember your Password.

07.02.12: July 2012 Newsletter: IRS Tax Deduction for 2001 Co. Wind Vented Temporary Roof

Understanding How a 2001 Co. Wind Vented Re-Roof can be IBC Building Code acceptable where other manufacturers re-roof systems are not

07.01.12: Our website has gone through a small navigation update as you may have noticed above, and six more Presentations have been added.

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