" . . . all the schools with the 2001 Co. Roof Systems were okay."
Hurricane Irma Results: Hernando School District
325 Thomaston Ave. Waterbury, CT 06723  -  P: 203.575.9220 

Location of Buildings
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Eastside Elementary School
27151 Roper Road, Brooksville, FL
Desmond Maner, the crew leader of building envelope, said, "all the 2001 Co. Roof Systems on the above named schools were okay."
Wind Vents

Fox Chapel Middle School
9412 Fox Chapel Lane, Brooksville, FL
Wind Vents

Spring Hill Elementary School
6000 Roble Avenue, Spring Hill, FL
Wind Vents

Springstead High School
3300 Mariner
Boulevard, Spring Hill, FL
Wind Vents
Wind Vents