Welcome to the 2001 Company,

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to 2001 Company, Inc. 2001 Company is a manufacturer of negative pressure roofing systems for commercial and industrial facilities. We offer our patented wind vented roofing technology with many of the roofing membranes you are familiar with in today's roofing industry.

Our wind vented-self drying systems have been installed for over 22 years across the country on over 9,000 facilities. The 2001 Company has several high quality licensed applicators across the United States, Canada and the Virgin Islands.

Our roof systems are unique because instead of relying on fasteners or adhesives to secure our roof systems, we utilize wind generated negative pressure. This offers you a roof system capable of withstanding high winds without penetrating your roof deck. During installation of our roofing systems, we achieve an air seal around the perimeter, projections and penetrations. This one small step insures that no positive pressure from inside the facility will affect the new roofing system. After this, our roof system is installed loose laid across the field of the roof without the need for fasteners, adhesives or ballast.

Our patented one-way equalizer valves are installed around the perimeter of the roof where wind creates intense vacuum pressures. As wind blows across the roof, the equalizer valves take advantage of the natural vortex that occurs at the perimeter and corners of the roof. As this vortex blows across our valves a vacuum is created, this vacuum dispels air out from beneath the roofing system and draws the roofing system tight against the roof deck. Because of this, the harder the wind blows across your roof, the tighter the roof will hold down. We have had our roofing systems withstand hurricane force winds and even a F3 tornado without any failure of the roofing systems.

During recent testing for Dade County approvals on two of our roofing systems, we became the first manufacturer to ever take their testing apparatus to maximum uplift without failure. This was a staggering 255 Pounds Per Square Foot (psf). At Underwriters Laboratories UL as well as Factory Mutual-FM Global Test Facilities we have also maxed out their equipment at 225 Pounds Per Square Foot (psf) for wind uplift security.

One of the secondary advantages of our 2001 negative pressure roofing systems is that we can vent moisture from an existing wet roof assembly. As our roof systems begin their vacuum, moisture that is trapped in the existing roof system is vaporized and drawn out with the air. We have roofs that had as much as 75% moisture present, which dried out within the first 1˝ years of installing the 2001 Vented System. This can provide the building owner with 90-100% of the original "R" value of the insulation in the old roof assembly. This 2001 drying aspect eliminates the need for a costly tear-off of the existing wet roof and a new insulation package in the re-roofing of an existing roof. This also helps in keeping unnecessary construction debris out of our landfills making for a greener environment.

We offer 2001 Roof Systems with EPDM, PVC, CPA, TPO, Modified Bitumen, and Conventional Built-up Roofing Systems. 2001 Company offers:

1. Warranty packages of 10, 15, 20 and 30 year NDL 
2. Wind Rider up to 150 mph.
3. Hail Riders

Imagine a roofing system that is easy to install, can withstand high winds, doesn't have to penetrate your roof deck, is cost competitive, can save you from having a costly tear-off performed and can reduce your roofing budget by 10% or more a year.

We would like to visit with you and provide you with a short presentation on the many additional benefits and features of the 2001 wind vented roofing systems at your convenience. Our presentation is approximately 1 hour long and is extremely informative regarding matters of protecting a roof from extreme weather. We are sure you will find it educational and informative.

We look forward to meeting with you and discussing business with your company on our roofing systems in the future. If you have any questions our phone number is 1(800) 537-7663, facsimile number is 1(203) 573-0781.

Yours truly,

Thomas L. Kelly

Do Note: That FM Testing and approval engineers cannot comprehend the physics principals of a 2001 loose laid and wind vented roof assembly and require the roof membrane and substrate on air sealed monolithic decks and air barrier substrate to be additionally mechanically attached. Carlisle and Sika Sarnafil have extended all their FM approval Roof Systems to 2001 Co. 2001 Co. patented air seal techniques for internal and external air infiltration into a roof assembly can be additionally used with the Carlisle and Sika Sarnafil FM approved roof systems along with Equalizer Valves™ to enhance the Wind Up Lift and Energy Efficient of a roof assembly.

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